New & Exchange Cylinder Heads

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New & Exchange Cylinder Heads



Reflex Automotive Engineering has been specializing in new, exchange & reconditioned cylinder heads since 1988. From your single cylinder motorcycle engine, twin cylinder jetski or family car to your heavy diesel engine.


We have over 600 changeover and new cylinder heads in stock ready for fitting.


To make the job easier we have a large range of VRS gasket and head bolt sets to suit all our cylinder heads.


The most important thing about reconditioning your cylinder head is that you know that it will be done right the first time.


Reflex Automotive Engineering is a licensed VACC Engine Reconditioner & have highly qualified and licensed tradesman. We support training of apprentices. We are quality endorsed and have quality endorsed procedures in place. In fact we are one of a few throughout Australia who actually are giving you the confidence and ensuring the job is done right.



Cylinder Head Reconditioning
Cylinder Head Reconditioning


Cylinder Head Reconditioning Process



On arrival we allocate a job number & after removal from the block we disassemble, chemically clean & inspect checking valves & valve guides, retainer & collets condition & test valve spring pressures.


The cylinder head body is checked for height, straightness & hardness & pressure tested in a submersible pressure tester checking for any cracks or porous leaks & check all threads.


After inspection we prepare a report & quotation as part of the engine reconditioning process & advise you of the cost to recondition your engine which usually can save you hundreds of dollars compared to outright replacement.

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Cylinder Head Reconditioning Services

  • Dismantle Cylinder Head
  • Chemically Clean
  • Check Valve Condition
  • Check Valve Guide Condition
  • Test Valve Spring Pressure
  • Check Retainer & Collet Condition
  • Check Cylinder Head Height
  • Check Cylinder Head Straightness
  • Check Cylinder Head Hardness
  • Submersible Pressure Test
  • Weld Cracks (as req.)
  • Weld Porous Holes (as req.)
  • Crack Test Cast Iron Cylinder Head
  • Crack Repair (as req.)
  • Fit & Ream Valve Guides
  • K-Line Installation
  • Instal Valve Inserts (LPG/Unleaded Rated)
  • Machine Valves
  • Corrosion Welding
  • Aluminium Welding
  • Cast Iron Welding
  • Straightening of Cylinder Head (if req.)
  • Broken Bolt or Stud Removal (as req.)
  • Spark Eroding
  • Stripped Thread Repairs (as req.)
  • Thread Inserts (as req.)
  • Spark Plug Inserts (as req.)
  • Injector Tube Installation
  • Precomp Chamber Installation
  • Valve Seat Machining (3 Angle)
  • Surface Cylinder Head (Mill/Grind)
  • Reface Rockers
  • Line Bore Cam Tunnel
  • Reset Valve Lengths
  • Reassemble Cylinder Head
  • Adjust Shim Clearances (OHC Engines)
  • Bead blast Auxiliary Engine Components

Performance Modifications


  • Modify Valve Guides to suit Teflon Seals
  • Large Valve Conversions
  • Porting & Polishing
  • Roller Rocker Stud Modifications
  • CC Combustion Chamber
  • Match Porting
  • O-Ring Cylinder Head